WOA Summer Tour Artist Introduction – WOAFM99 Radio Show (Ep 13 / S15)

Source: WOA Summer Tour Artist Introduction – WOAFM99 Radio Show (Ep 13 / S15)


Today we bring you the iTunes Chart Topping artists that are lined up for the upcoming WOA Summer Tour UK (July 25th to August 3rd). Also joining our WOA Summer Tour Artists are 2 WOA Artists that are making a huge buzz on Radio and Spotify as we speak! #WOAFM99 #WOASummerTour #iTunesNo1 #iTunesTop10 #iTunesTop20

This Weeks Breakthrough Artists :

CERTIFIED INDIE© – WOAFM99 Radio Show (Episode 7 / Season 15)

Source: CERTIFIED INDIE© – WOAFM99 Radio Show (Episode 7 / Season 15)


Today’s Certified Indie© songs on the WOAFM99 Radio Show are a fantastic mix of pop, acoustic blues, AAA, Rap/HipHop, Real Indie Rock and Smooth Jazz introduced by our chart topping host, Platinum Selling Artist/Producer Oliver Sean

The Playlist:

1. Scott MacPherson – Lie To Me

2. Ryan Madison – Move Mountains 

3. Drew James – Thicker than Blood

4. Sandi Siegel – India Holding

5. Anytime Anywhere Anyway – Trace the Sidewalk

6 . David W Christensen – Butler Beat 2

#WOAFM99 #CertifiedIndie

WOAFM99Radio Show – Post Festival Episode (Season 15 / Episode 3)

Source: WOAFM99Radio Show – Post Festival Episode (Season 15 / Episode 3)


After a fantastic 10th WOA Music Festival 2019 in association with Vh1, Lazy Bee Cottages, Wanda’s Wellness Centre and WOAFM99 Radio Show, all of us at WOA Entertainment are gearing up for the WOA UK Tour – Summer 2019. On today’s episode Oliver Sean talks about what went down during the 10th WOA Music Festival and some other excising news you don’t want to miss 📷 We also feature the 6 breakthrough songs of the week! #WOAFM99 #WOAMusicFestival2019 #OliverSean
This Week’s Breakthrough Songs (Multi Genre) 

WOAFM99 Radio Show – Pre Festival Episode (Season 15/Episode 2)

Source: WOAFM99 Radio Show – Pre Festival Episode (Season 15/Episode 2)


It’s our PRE Festival Episode and we give you the low down on everything that is coming up on the 10th WOA Music Festival – 1st to 7th Feb Goa 2019. You don’t want to miss this episode of the WOFM99 Radio Show. Oliver Sean also introduces 6 breakthrough artists on the show today #WOAFM99 #WOAMusicFestival2019

Today’s Playlist:

* Watch: Official TV Promo for the 10th WOA Music Festival 

1. The Chesterfield Band – Home

2. Juan Francisco Zerpa PIEL

3. Blessence ft.Christian Binx – Clenz

4. Intellect – Then there was two

5. Chinie – Don’t be afraid

6. Elise Morris – Unto Light Unbroken 

Interview with UK based, MTV EMA nominated artist Oliver Sean

Source: Interview with UK based, MTV EMA nominated artist Oliver Sean


W.O.A Records & Studios​ Founder Oliver Sean​ talks to Muzique Magazine​ about the upcoming #WOAMusicFestival2019, his new music video launching on Vh1 in February for the single #DoingThat #TimeLoveHappiness and some intimate thoughts on the music industry and sound advice for #IndependentMusicians

SEASON 15 PREMIERE! WOAFM99 Radio Show – Ep.1/S15

Source: SEASON 15 PREMIERE! WOAFM99 Radio Show – Ep.1/S15


Its our brand new season for the brand new year! WOAFM99 Season 15 kicks off with a bang featuring breakthrough artists of 2019. Our host Oliver Sean also gives us an update of the highly anticipated 10th WOA Music Festival, which Oliver Sean is headlining this year and he will be supported on tour this year by his closest friends on the International Indie Music Scene! Ge t the low down on the venues and partners for this year’s WOA Music Festival & Tour. #WOAFM99 #WOAMUSICFESTIVAL


Today’s Playlist:

Hayward – Sweet Little Butterfly

Ashton York – LA

Alan LoPresti – Swept Away

Eames – Die 4 U (Official Music Video)

Tzili Yanko – Everlasting Love

Gladys Padron – Dreaming 


The Christmas Show FINALÉ – WOAFM99 Radio Show Christmas Show (Part 4)

Source: The Christmas Show FINALÉ – WOAFM99 Radio Show Christmas Show (Part 4)


This is it folks – our Christmas Show Finale and what a fantastic December its been with the finest Christmas songs by the best Indie acts out there! On today’s finale Oliver Sean brings you 11 Christmas songs just right for Christmas and we also have a few special guests on the show. Here is wishing all our wonderful listeners and supporters of Indie Music A MERRY CHRISTMAS  & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! #WOAFM99 #ChristmasSpecial

Today’s Playlist:

1. Lee Branden & The Black Harness – Every Christmas

2. Bob Campbell – The Gift

3. Tomer Aviram – Christmas Day

4. Earnest Williams – I wish everyday could be Christmas 

5. Daniel Casavant – Wishes for Christmas

6. Tom Moy – Queen of Carols

7. Rich Krueger – Kenny’s (its always Christmas in this Bar) 

8. Elvis Carden – Christmas Lovin

9. Somewhere There – Jeff Alan Rule

10. Roger Erickson (feat. Penny) – It’s Christmas

11. Darryl Jackson – Greensleeves

The WOAFM99 Christmas Show – Part 3

Source: The WOAFM99 Christmas Show – Part 3


On Part 3 of the Christmas Special 2018 on the WOAFM99 Radio Show, Oliver Sean Introduces 10 New Indie Christmas Songs (including a few classics) and we also revisit last years Independent No.1’s Christmas Special Vol.3.


Today’s Playlist:

Noel Stephens Evans – A Christmas Love Story

Miss Maura & The Misters – Snowmen in LA

Tom Morgan – This Christmas

Christine P VanHoy – Night is Falling 

Geoffrey Ian Fyfe – Father Christmas

Nicole De Coteau – Christmas Time is Here

The Silvers – Caribbean Christmas 

Sonnet Simmons – New York Christmas

William Larson – Its Christmas Time All Over the World

Johannes Linstead – What Child is This


The WOAFM99 Christmas Show – Part 2

Source: The WOAFM99 Christmas Show – Part 2


Part 2 of our very special Christmas Show on the WOFM99 Radio Show! Today Oliver Sean introduces 10 amazing Christmas songs – some classic holiday songs, some new songs that are destined to become classics and some you just want to dance! Including tracks by artists from the awesome Independent No.1’s Christmas Special Vol.4 album that has just been released worldwide.

Today’s Playlist:

1. Michael Civisca – I want to spend Christmas with you

2. Billy White Jr. – My Christmas Card

3. Chris Moy – Miss this Christmas

4. Elise Morris – In my Heart and on my Mind

5. Joseph Tripodi – Merry Christmas Santa Claus

6 Merlot Embargo – Let the Light in

7. Rick Lee James – Advent Hymn

8. Mick J Clark – Christmas Party Time 

9. Howlin Bill – Rudolph

10. Mel & Brooks Teeples – Carol of the Bells