BEWARE OF XIREN: The Real Con Man and Fraud!oliver-sean-exposes-xiren-a-con-man

Beware of Xiren a Con Man from Colorado who has swindled International Music Star Oliver Sean and India’s Largest Indie Label W.O.A Records

– an open letter by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean


Oliver Sean Exposes the Con man called Xiren, also known as Darryl Kenny from Colorado who has duped WOA Records, Oliver Sean and the WOA Hotel Partners Sun Village, during the WOA Records Tour in 2008 and is wanted by the police in Goa.


This is a blog post in reply to a ridiculous story posted by a con man  called Xiren. This is regarding an incident from 2008 that this person is trying to use to get sympathy by spreading vicious lies about me, Oliver Sean and my company W.O.A Records. This man called Xiren has fabricated a fantastic lie to move the focus away from the truth of how he is wanted by WOA and the Goa Police for duping our Company and our hotel partner in Goa. Read on to see how he is using this ridiculous story to sell his album that he has released saying that it is because he was so wronged by WOA Records and Oliver Sean that he was inspired to write this album and people should help him because Oliver Sean and WOA Records did him so much wrong and that we are not a real person or real company 🙂 I can’t help but laugh while I write this. Xiren has even gone on to say  that there is no real company called WOA Records and that there is no well known artist in India called Oliver Sean :-), apparantely I don’t exist and/or I am not a well known musician 🙂 – Apparantely in Xiren’s mind me being an artist who is nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards and having a Vh1 Top 10 and numerous Number Ones on various charts and to top it off having a PLATINUM album and a Vh1 Documentary done on me consititues to an artist being UNKNOWN :-)). Oh well… 


I am writing this blog after the  insistence from my employees and my managers that I should retaliate to this. First and foremost the WOA International Music Festival and the WOA Records India Tour is now in its 8th year of production – we have had 7 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOURS featuring artists from all over the world from 2008 till 2015! Artists from almost every country have emailed me directly saying thank you for the wonderful services and support we provide independent artists, so please do not think that I am writing about any one or anything other than about this CON MAN called Xiren who is a shame to Independent Musicians – he is nothing but a Thief and a Liar and has tried to spoil my name and the name of a company that has been a pioneer in assisting Independent Musicians like no other company we know of, offering services, many of them free.


Coming to the fact that Oliver Sean is not a real person and/or not a well known musician in India…. errrrr – what exactly should I say to this??? I have thousands of fans and am loved by them so who gives a rats ass about what this loser called Xiren thinks? He has not even achieved 1% of what I have in my music career and he came to me to help him get to the next level Internationally – enough said 🙂 


This con man Xiren, and I keep saying con man for very specific reasoinbs – read on to know who this con man really is and why we keep repeating this – Xiren, a wanna be musician from Colorado submitted him music via sonicbids for the WOA Records India Tour 2008, he was the last person selected, a street musician at the time, due to his emails begging us to get him on tour and we finally agreed – and this was a FREE tour, where we, WOA Records and ME Oliver Sean, pay for everything incldung Hotels, Food, Domestic Travel etc. During the 2008 tour we had a few shows that got cancelled so he and another 2 artists called Mana3 and Dave J started creating problems for WOA Records and our other artists during that time with their complaints. Their tour contract had clear instructions and terms that they agreed to follow before coming on tour. I asked them to leave if they didnt want to do the other shows and they then cowered down and said they wanted to stay. So we let them. Unknown to us that these artists had already racked up massive bills in their hotels and were planning on slipping out and leaving without clearting these room service bills for alcohol and lobster and steak dinners (we still have these bills and are in an open poilce file for theft against Xiren).


We also got the other shows in order and took care of their accommodation and meals for 14 days, this was EXTRA days for free in a 4 star hotel called the DeSouza group of hotels – a wonderful hotel – which Xiren has spoken such rubbish about and has the above mentioned unpaid bills till today (7 years later and is still absconding and to be arrested the minute he lands in India). One of the reasons we call him a con man is because this disgusting person slipped out of the hotel with his bags leaving a huge room service bill which he was responsible for. He also went on to post horrible blogs about some of the other musicians like Jesus Aaron who was also part of the tour and completed the tour successfully and has nothing but praise for WOA records and me (Oliver Sean).



I think its time this guy Xiren and his LIES about his inspiration for his album and the con he says he experienced and the tragedy of his life in 2008, be brought out to the public – There was no tragedy! There was no Con! WOA Records India Tour was and IS a legit tour we organise every year, artists love the WOA Records India Tour and we get thousands of artists requesting a slot with us EVERY YEAR! Our 7th Annual Tour was just completed on the 13th of Feb. The tour took place from 31st Jan to 13th Feb 2015 with 5 amazing International artists.


We have had amazing artists on the India Tour who have gone off to do really well in this region and we have promoted them more than any other agency in the world ever does! The India Tour started in 2008 and is today one of the biggest tours of its kind in this region. There are hundreds of articles and documentaries done on the WOA Records India Tour that was conceptualized and till date produced by Oliver Sean and the wonderful WOA Records Team of musicians and music lovers who help me, Oliver Sean, every year to organise this tour.


The WOA Records Tour is still supported every year, 7 years and counting, by the wonderful Vh1 TV Network and the Sun Village Hotel, WOA Records India Tour and Festival has been covered by Newspapers and Television and Radio in countries around the world including Portugal, the UK, Costa Rica, Dubai, Spain, France, America and Canada.  The tour and festival is also promoted extensively on Times of India and the Herald and The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan Times – all reputed newspapers. We even have the Government of Goa Art and Culture Department who supports the festival in Goa every year. 


This blog post is of course to you, fans of the OIliver Sean Band  and the supporters of WOA International and the WOA Records India Tour so that you know that this person called Xiren, and I say it again – the CON MAN XIren, is just trying to slander my name, Oliver Sean and my company’s name, W.O.A Records and WOA International. However this blog post is also targeted to every reviewer and fan of Xiren who has believed this pathetic guys story of being conned by my company and me and how he says this “Tragedy” and “CON” inspired him to write this album and that how the hell he went through in India was the “inspiration” for his album – He is a Liar! LOL. Xiren was put up in a 4 star hotel room at the Sun Village and provided breakfast everyday for 14 days by WOA Records and dinner was provided every night for the show days. He was put on a television show on HCN which is a satelliet channel based in Goa  broadcast acroiss the sub continenet and the middle east– a huge 4 part TV Show they did on the tour! He was put on India’s ONLY fully International music FM radio station Radio Indigo, he was given press articles on press from all across India and was provided with PRESS CONFERENCE at the MANDOVI Hotel in Panjim, attended by journalists from every major news paper including the Associated Press and CNN IBN!  His music video was also played on Vh1 via our marketing of his profile – and all he paid to be on this tour was 25 US Dollars, from which 50% went to sonicbids and after taxes WOA Records were paid 10 US Dollars – Xiren was given all this for 10 US Dollars purely on good faith and the fact that we would work together in the future – little did we know that this COn man came on the tour with the intention to duope WOA Records and Oliver Sean and take wantever he could from us and then run away in the middle of the night with huge hotel bills pending at ouyr hiotel poartners. 


So I will end my blog post by saying thank you to the wonderful artists I have met through the various India Tours and I chalk this experience with the con man and liar caled Xiren and his friends as a one off experience and hope to God I never meet or interact with people like Xiren – they give a bad name to us musicians! Beware of Xiren, a Con Man wanted in Goa by the Police and by WOA Records.



Oliver Sean

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