WOAFM99 Radio Show: In Conversation with Oliver Sean – Earnest Williams Special

Source: WOAFM99 Radio Show: In Conversation with Oliver Sean – Earnest Williams Special


Super cool episode on the WOAFM99 Radio Show today featuring Texas RnB singer Earnest Williams​ “in conversation” with Oliver Sean​ ( Oliver Sean Band​ ). Including 6 breakthrough Indie Artists from around the world: London Taylor​ JoRob​ @Isaac Wright @Tayla Haig Big Mess​ @Plasterwork Band #WOAFM99 #OliverSean #WOAEntertainment #WOARadioShow #BreakthroughIndieMusic

10th Annual WOA International Music Festival

10th Annual WOA International Music Festival & Tour – Goa 2018

Only the best should submit for our 10th Anniversary WOA Music Festival – this going to be BIG! 

After the successful completion of the 9th Annual W.O.A International Music Festival in association with 9XO & Fiesta, we are now all set for the 10th Annual W.O.A International Music Festival & India Tour 2018. If you are an artist interested in touring and expanding your fan base in these large emerging markets with national tv, radio and press branding and marketing you should apply for the WOA Music Festival!

Submit your EPK HERE

All genres are given an equal platform at the Festival stage, the only criteria is a great live performance by the artist! So if you think you have what it takes, submit now for a chance to be part of the WOA International Music Festival – Goa 2018 (Tentative Dates are 31st Jan to 7th Feb).

Find out more at www.woarecordsindiatour.com 
The Annual W.O.A International Music Festival and India Tour is a roaring success, to say the least. As predicted it has been getting BIGGER and BETTER since it began in 2008. The W.O.A International Music Festival and Tour is conceptualized by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee & Vh1 Top 10 platinum selling artist Oliver Sean (Founder, W.O.A Entertainment Group). It has been suported consistently by media giants, National Publications and 5 Star Properrties including Vh1, 9XO, Fiesta, Fiesta Resort, Sun & Sand, Azzure, Hard Rock Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Times of India, Herald and more.
Learn more about the WOA Entertainment Group

The Annual W.O.A Records India Tour and W.O.A International Music Festival in Goa began in 2008 and is organized and produced by the pioneers of Independent music promotions in India, W.O.A Entertainment. The Festival AND the Tour is supported by the entire W.OA Entertainment Infrastructure including our nationally syndicated Radio and TV Shows.

Listen in to the fantastic WOAFM99 Radio Show here
For International Independent bands/artists to break into a region like India with this kind of support has been unprecedented and never done before. This has now been made possible by W.O.A Entertainment, India’s largest International Independent Label (W.O.A Records 1998 – 2017) – the Annual WOA Festival & Tour now enters into the 10th year of production. Come and be a part of this phenomenal music festival supported by Vh1 and other major partners including the Times and other major media and venue partners.

Submit your EPK/Digital Press Kit for the 10th Annual WOA International Music Festival

PLEASE READ: The Submission fee is 25 USD for any artist who is interested in performing at the festival (This is a submission call for the Music Festival only, not the full tour). There are NO other fees charged to the artist to be a part of the music festival in Goa (for the main event on 31st Jan that kicks off the official tour). Please note that Artists will have to take care of their own travel to Goa and handle their own accomodation. IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a submission for consideration for the main festival performance on day 1. Submitting your profile for the festival does not mea n an automatic selection. 

Best Wishes,

The WOA Entertainment Team


EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE! WOAFM99 Radio Show with Oliver Sean (Ep.8, S10)

Source: EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE! WOAFM99 Radio Show with Oliver Sean (Ep.8, S10)

Today W.O.A Records & Studios​ have done a surprise launch of @Oliver Sean First Move UNPLUGGED song! It is exclusively featured on the WOAFM99 Radio Show and the song is available ONLY on http://www.oliversean.com for a limited time. Episode 8 of the WOA TV & Radio Show​ – a MUST LISTEN today 🙂 Breakthrough artists featured on the show are Oliver Sean Band​ , Marley Waters​ , Blind Tigers​ , Richard Thomas​ , Amy Sinha​ , Jordan E. Spivack​. Artists can submit music for the show at http://www.woafm99.com

‘In Conversation: with Oliver Sean on WOAFM99 (Ep.7 S10) – Airy Jeanine Special

Source: ‘In Conversation: with Oliver Sean on WOAFM99 (Ep.7 S10) – Airy Jeanine Special

You don’t want to miss out on today’s WOAFM99 Radio Show where we have Airy Jeanine joining Oliver Sean live in ‘Studio One 11’ where the WOA TV & Radio Show is recorded. Today we feature breakthrough artists including Rich Krueger , Silent Stranger , Candice Russell , Phil Ram Band, David Wayne Moore. Find out more at www.woafm99.com #WOAFM99 #WOARecords #OliverSean W.O.A Records & Studios