8th WOA Music Festival Submissions now open!

WOA & Vh1 Music Festival Ends On High Note With Launch Of Global Compilations by Ex Minister of Environment and WOA Founder.
Goa Chillout Zone Vol.6 was launched and WOAFM99 Radio Show new season, announced at the closing ceremony of the 7th Annual WOA International Music Festival.

Early Bird Submissions now open for 8th Annual WOA Music Festival, WOAFM99 Radio Show Season 6 and the new editions of the global compilations Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 and Independent No.1’s Vol.5 – Submit Music

1. ANNUAL WOA MUSIC FESTIVAL: The 7th WOA International Music Festival took place across Goa and Dubai from the 31st of January till the 13th of Feb, ending with a media blitz. Read all about the tour and the artists who rocked the 2015 WOA International Music Festival & Tour

Artists can now submit their EPK’s for consideration for the 8th Annual WOA International Music Festival 2016, taking place from 30th Jan to 7th Feb. SUBMIT EPK HERE or Submit Via MusicXray

2. WOAFM99 RADIO SHOW – NEW SEASON: Also announced at the closing ceremony of the WOA International Music Festival was the upcoming WOAFM99 Radio Show Season 6, which starts off this coming week (March 2015). If you have a song you would like to have featured on this Independent Music Radio show, which is promoted extensively across India and Dubai on commercial FM radio and online on itunes, PRX, with paid placements on mainstream radio networks, you can submit your songs today.

Please note there is a submission fee of 10 USD to have your song placed on this weekly radio show as this is a FREE radio show and we do not have any advertising support or are paid any licensing fees. WOA also buys slots on various radio networks to have this 30 minute show played on various comemrcial FM stations in the region. Most songs, if radio quality, is given a spot on one of the episodes of the WOAFM99 Radio Show. If your song is not accepted for any reason, we will inform you and ask you for another track that is more suitable for the show or we will refund your 10 USD if we are defnitely not going to place you on the show. If you would like to be placed on the WOAFM99 Radio Show SUBMIT YOUR SONG HERE Continue reading 8th WOA Music Festival Submissions now open!

Oliver Sean makes front page of Portugal News

MTV Europe Music Awards nominee Oliver Sean makes the front page of the Portugal national english newspaper ‘The Portugal News’ alongside footballing legends Figo. http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/portuguese-artist-to-headline-at-major-festival-in-former-colony/33833




MTV EMA Nominee to Launch New Single on American Television Talk Show Live from New York City.

“(Are We) Doing That” is what MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean will be asking a worldwide audience via a live Television Broadcast from New York City this July as the International music star gets set to release his brand new single and music video and kick off his Television and Radio Promo Tour in New York.


W.O.A International (Press Release) – Jun. 25, 2013 – NEW YORK — MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean is getting set to officially release his highly anticipated new single ‘(are we) Doing That’ as he kicks off his New York Television and Radio Promo Tour this July. The worldwide premiere will take place on 27th July as Oliver Sean performs the song on Evan Ginzburg’s ‘Legends TV’ live from New York City.

The new song, which hits radio stations worldwide today, features Oliver Sean’s distinctive style of percussive rock placed on a bed of foot tapping Indian Tabla’s, lending this main stream pop/rock song the inimitable Oliver Sean world beat sound. Coming on the heels of his MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated Album and Music Video “So Good,” and his Vh1 Hit single ‘All I Remember’, this latest song ‘(are we) Doing That’ also sets the stage for Oliver Sean’s New York Television and Radio promo tour from 27th July to 3rd August.

The new single is now available for pre order on itunes where fans can pre order the new single and get the song on their ipods automatically on 11th August when the new song ‘(are we) Doing That’ will hit stores worldwide, with a simultaneous launch of his music video for the same song on Vh1’s International channel.

‘(are we) Doing That’ combines Oliver Sean’s unique voice with a blended style of alt rock and world music elements driven by his rich heritage. “I attribute my style of music and its world beat elements to time I spent growing up in Goa, Dubai and London and my Mother’s favorite Portuguese music and her impressive pop rock record collection that I grew up listening to” says Oliver Sean, “but I think my rock sensibilities are pure American”. This worldwide influence constantly shows itself in Oliver Sean’s superlative collection of tracks released through the years, which blend some of the best of good ol’ fashioned rock-n-roll with subtle hints of world music elements to create an intoxicating new melange. The new single ‘(are we) Doing That’ captures the essence of Oliver Sean’s musical style.

One thing that makes Oliver Sean special is the restraint with which he blends these elements together. As a music magazine in America says “Any rocker from the Beatles onwards can throw random sitars or Brazilian Drums (Indian Tablas) into a song for effect. In Sean’s hands, they act as spice – punctuating moments, bringing them out, and then just as quickly segueing back to more traditional elements” ‘Round Magazine, 2013, USA .

Fan’s can expect a music video for the song ‘(are we) Doing That’ to hit International channels on August 11th and a full length album worth of songs from Oliver Sean, which will be his fourth studio album in December 2013 “This plan of releasing a few singles and music videos followed by the full length album began in January 2013 when we released Oliver Sean’s new music video for his single ‘All I Remember’ on Vh1 and the success of the single and the video” says Wanda Alvares, Marketing Head W.O.A International “this is now being followed up with his new single and music video ‘(are we) Doing That’, which incidentally is also to be the title of the Oliver Sean album which we will be launching in December 2013”

Over the last ten years, Sean has ascended from local performer in Goa and Dubai to international rock phenom, playing tours across America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including stops in New York, LA, London, Dubai and other major cities. His debut album “I Like It” (2003) was nominated for AV Max International Album of the Year along with albums by John Mayer, Third Eye Blind, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Oliver Sean’s hit album from 2011 “So Good” got the singer an MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, and his single “Movies” from the same album reached the Top 10 charts of Vh1’s International channel, placing Sean alongside artists such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Pitbull. Oliver Sean has also received his own feature spot on Vh1 Specials, a program that highlights prominent and upcoming International artists. His rise led Sun magazine to label Oliver Sean “The hottest international offering from the shores of Goa.”

In addition to writing and composing all of his own music, Sean has produced and directed music videos for himself and other international artists. In 1998, at a young age the singer/songwriter and Business Graduate in Marketing and Finance created his own label, W.O.A. International, to promote fresh and established international musicians like himself. Today, W.O.A International is one of the largest Indie record labels in Asia and the Middle East that help promote independent talent. Sean’s film endeavors include a soundtrack for a popular bollywood film, and he is currently working as the producer and director on a documentary about the importance of protecting endangered tigers, based on the book Once Upon a Time by Wanda Alvares.

“(are we) Doing That” can be heard starting today on radio stations and online around the world. It is also available for pre order on iTunes and will release worldwide on August 11th along with a music video on International TV channels including Vh1.

To learn more about Oliver Sean and see his current tour schedule, visit http://www.oliversean.com

A review copy of ‘(are we) Doing That’ and his other singles and albums (‘All I Remember, So Good, I Like it etc), live show media credentials and an interview with Oliver Sean are available upon request.

* Listen to ‘(are we) Doing That’ online at http://soundcloud.com/woarecords/are-we-doing-that-by-oliver

*Follow Oliver Sean on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/oliversean

*Like Oliver Sean on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/oliverseanband

*Watch Oliver Sean’s MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated video ‘So Good’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBgTpEP9aeQ

MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean is an International Portuguese singer / songwriter who thrived in the Goa, Dubai and the UK cultures as they acted as the backdrop to his youth, and the inspiration for his music. His discography with W.O.A. Records was birthed in 1999 with his single ‘There She Is Again’.

Oliver Sean’s media clippings have formed a career of their own. Since his career was launched in his teens, Sean’s press clippings exceed several hundred features, snippets, and reviews in significant print and broadcast mediums. His brand of music is known for its pop influence with contemporary undertones. His debut album was nominated for ‘International Album of the Year’ by AVMax in 2002 along with albums by John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind.

Oliver Sean’s eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand, and is as exotic as his mixed Portuguese, Italian and Goan Lineage.

A self-taught musician, Sean plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. However, it is his distinctive percussive guitar style powerfully seductive voice which is his footprint on the music industry. Unlike the package products of today’s trendy music culture, Sean writes and composes all of his music. His track record of being a hit songwriter is just one of his many assets defining him as a pillar in the music community. He is a member of the Recording Academy and a Voting Member for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

Oliver Sean was also involved with writing music for the French Government, Goa Government, producing music for other artists, directing music videos, and working on various film projects as a composer and a film maker. Sean has also composed the Soundtrack for a popular International film released in 2012 and is currently working on a documentary about the urgency to protect Tiger’s, based on the soon to be published book ‘Once upon a time’ by Wanda Alvares.

The singer/songwriter’s third studio album ‘So Good’ was released in 2011 and had several hits including an MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, Vh1 Top 10 spot, No. 2 on an International chart listing, Grammy nomination consideration in 9 categories, and a Vh1 Specials feature. The singers recent music video for his 2012 single ‘All I Remember’ hit the Vh1 Hit List in January 2013.

Oliver Sean’s new single and music video ‘(are we) Doing That’ is scheduled for worldwide release this August.

Oliver Sean at the Bailador in Goa

Times Of India – 9th June 2013 – WOA Records International founder/artist Oliver Sean (MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee & Grammy Awards Voting Member), was the judge at the 1st annual all Goa Dance competition ‘Bailador’ organised by The Times last week. Here is the full coverage from The Times of India (Goa).

– WOA News Desk







WOA RECORDS the parent Company of W.O.A Films is all set to organise their 5th Annual India Tour.

Since 2008 the India Tour has steadily grown with each year the tour growing bigger and better. This year will mark the 5th anniversary of the WOA Records India Tour.

With amazing artists breaking through to thousands of fans every year in India and several of the headlining artists shooting music videos in India produced by W.O.A Films, we would like to say a big thank you to so many amazing artists who have toured on the WOA Records India Tour since 2008 and who have said such great things about us on their sites, newspapers in their countries, radio and TV shows and more. We had 3 artists in 2008 who said some terrible things about WOA RECORDS because we removed them from the tour in 2008 for breaching their contracts and other things which are detailed at http://www.woarecords.com (India Tour Page) – please check the post there where we have openly informed all out artists about what these 3 artists had done India and how they tried to spread horrible rumours about Woa Records. But the truth always prevails and now with the India Tour reaching the 5th year of the annual tour and getting the support from the Government of Goa/India, Vh1, Times, DeSouza group and others who have been with WOA Records supporting the tour since 2008, it is testament to what exactly WOA Records and the India Tour is all about.

Our thanks to the following artists for the wonderful performances and for the great things they have said about WOA Records and it’s various divisions including some of the 2009 and 2011 artists whose music videos were produced by us right here at WOA Films – videos which have hit the Vh1 hit factory, vh1 charts, MTV, Trace, Comcast, Much Music and various other channels globally. Stay tuned to Vh1 from July to September when we launch the 2011 tour artists who shot their videos with WOA Films.

Here are the artists we will always remember and are in our WOA Records India Tour Hall of Fame:



Sparky Quano – 2008 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR

Nathan Hein/Risemann – 2009 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR



Monica & The Explosion – 2009 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR

Kallii/ Kelly Williams – 2009 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR



Craig Fraser – 2009 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR


Jeffery Fisher – 2010 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR

Roger Jaeger – 2010 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR

Peter & Karin Bayreuther – 2010 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR




Matthias Sturm – 2011 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR




And of course a big thank you to Oliver Sean and The Oliver Sean Band who have helped us take the India Tour to the next level by supporting the tour and the publicity every chance they got taking time off from their touring schedules to perform at the 2008 WOA RECORDS India tour and also headlining at the WOA International music festivals in 2009 and 2011 that kicked off the WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR’S

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR and the entire WOA International team is excited about the WOA RECORDS 5th India Tour and the fantastic artists that we are going to introduce to the fans across the Indian Sub Continent.

WOA Films are also gearing up to shoot some incredible new music videos for some of the 2012 tour artists that fans across Asia and middle east will get a chance to see on various major channels.

Stay tuned to the official WOA RECORDS Website for up to the minute info @ http://www.woarecords.com

And do check out the new WOA Films show reel at http://www.woafilms.com