WOAFM99 Christmas Show Part 3 – Certified Indie Songs of the Week with Oliver Sean


On part 3 of the WOAFM99 2021 Christmas Show we feature some of the best Independent Christmas music, some artists going traditional with their songwriting, while others attempting a more contemporary modern style of Christmas music. Are you a traditionalist when it come to Christmas Music or are you open to modern Christmas songs too? Write in and let us know. #woafm99 

Todays Playlist:

1. For the holidays – Ian Guerin
2. When the tree goes up – Jacyn & Joey
3. One Holy Night – MWW
4. In my Christmas dreams – The Aftershox feat. Christopher Weeks
5. Carolers and Church Bells – Kaleb Hikele
6. Under the mistletoe – Kew Mason
7. Underneath the tree – Suzanne’s Band
8. Christmas Wishes – Richard Coutts
9. Let’s get Merry – Silverson feat. Michelle Rescigno
10. When the lord came – Phil Mitchell Band
11. The Joys of Christmas – Nick’s Guys
12. It’s getting near Christmas – Mick J Clark
13. You gave me a music box – Spicewood Crossing
14. Jingle in my heart – The Silvers
15. The season of light – Linda Newlin
16. Guitar beneath the tree – Silent Stranger  

Artists who would like to submit their music for consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show can submit their music via www.woafm99.com or via the WOA Music Opportunities Page 

The WOAFM99 Radio Show is produced by WOA Films and Oliver Sean Productions for the WOA Entertainment Group